To create a happier world does not regard science fiction. There exists, today, immense fields of exploration to see our dreams being carried out. Roughly 80% of the Net surfers will have a second virtual life on the Web from here at 2011, and we would be wrong to deny the advantages related to this new fashion of navigation. We remain on average 11 minutes in a virtual place, against 1 to 2 minutes on a Web page.

Thanks to SECOND LIFE, and the Web-conferencering, eco-digital imagery and prototyping, HUMANBE has also the possibility, today, of treating the questions of the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT in a different way, allowing us not to have to move, and to produce expensive prototypes often polluting and requiring to be transported.

If you wish to test our "Sustainable Development Mode", join us by downloading the software and registering you for free at Once finished, close your software, and go to the website HUMANBE Click on "Second Life", after on "teleport now" and "connect" Ask for jacmacaire humby

HUMANBE encourages also to defend a more human vision of our world, and to take part in projects which preserve the human condition. Join RED et APPLE in their fight against the AIDS in Africa

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