A new vision of the world is coming...

All indicates that the time has come to change on multiple aspects, and to anchor our action in the long term in order to elaborate a common vision for the future. The Human arrived at a stage of its evolution, where the law of the strongest cannot exist any more, because it generates ecological and human catastrophes so much, that it will end up to destroying us.

But we can take, thanks to technical progress, the way of the Substainable Development which, beyond the mere material progress, can meet all human aspirations without undermining the legacy of future generations

To enable decision makers to identify the economic levers of change, and locate the choices to be made today, HUMANBE helping to establish a SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY showing a real commitment, and implementing, as the mode of organizations, the dematerialisation process that goes with it : charter of engagement, eco-production, mission zero, etc.

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