There is a bond which connects all the human beings. lt is in the capacity which we have all to make more beautiful the life, and to make a marvellous adventure of it. With our splendid diversity of cultures and forms of life, we have the possibility, today, of creating together projects based on the common respect of the planet, and its inhabitants. In front of the challenges which face humanity, it's time, today, that the Human feel united and make important decisions in a common way.

So go ahead! Act now! Join as HUMANBE, the 10:10 Campaign of voluntary reduction of 10% of our CO2 emissions on 2010, and break the gloom by encouraging all those wishing to become involved in the protection of our humanity.

If you want to encourage the brands to develop the art of the CO-OPERATION in the field of Sustainable Development, feel free also to join our concept of "GLOBAL CO-BRANDING". The principle is to consider every partner as an ally, providing added value to the future of the whole...

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