The Human must become the center of our concerns, and our most important reason to act quickly. The climatic changes are only the consequence of what we did not make to understand the other... The way in which the world manages the Human, today, has a direct effect on the climatic changes for a main part of humanity

It's not too late to change... The world misses neither of financial resources, nor of technological capacities to ensure a better quality of life to all. It's just necessary for that to act now. So, to encourage each one to defend a more human vision of our world, HUMANBE by creating his own group on Facebook, has created 2 other groups :

- ONE PLANET, ONE CAUSE, ONE DAY which supports those who work to make a more humane world
- UNITED HUMAN to enable all those who feel a HUMAN CITIZEN, to share their passion for this idea.

So if you think that our future is not irreversible, and that we all can influence above... Join the fantastic adventure of HUMANBE, and dream with us what will be the world of tomorrow.

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